Graphic of scales representing work life balance

Quiet Quitting: What it means for your business

Some of you may have heard about the new office buzz word “Quiet Quitting”. Social media has many videos inviting people to choose a less work centric lifestyle and encouraging the twenty-something generation to set clear boundaries between their work and personal lives. This workplace revolution is having impact on the way people are doing business and it is challenging executives to engage their employees in open and honest conversations about work-life balance.

Quiet Quitting is not about people leaving their jobs but encouraging workers to not invest their full energy or identity into their careers — for example, working the bare minimum number of hours and not making their jobs an important center of their lives.

Many business psychologists attribute this trend to the pandemic where people are now primarily working from home. The lines have been blurred between personal and work time which is causing a generation to burn out early. Many of these young workers have never stepped in an office or experienced the in-person advantages of working closely with coworkers. The mentorship, connection and passive learning that happens outside of a “scheduled Zoom meeting” can really help people connect their personal lives to their professional development.

These young workers are drawing distinct boundaries to preserve their mental health and happiness. It is the responsibility of today’s leadership teams to reach out and understand the struggle of working virtually. The solution is not to call everyone back to the office fulltime – much to some executives’ unhappiness. That is not what the top-tier talent wants – they want their voices heard, they want connection, recognition, workplace wellness and deliberate paths to improve their careers.

At Culture Keen, we are here to help executive teams address these challenges. We have experience in starting a conversation with employees which offers leaders better insight into their staff’s struggles. We provide strategies to engage your personnel, so everyone’s needs, including management, are being met. This is when your team and company will flourish.  

As a certified professional coach, I can offer proven techniques and strategies for leadership teams to meet their objectives. The greatest tool to assess your employee engagement and identify specific obstacles is to offer an outlet for honest expression and self-reflection. We can craft a customized survey to deliver the data leadership needs to make important decisions about how to motivate your team and reach your firm’s goals. Visit Culture Keen to learn more about our approach and reach out to me directly for more information.